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"RASA (Robot Assistant for Social Aims) has been designed as an upper-torso humanoid robot platform primarily for teaching Persian Sign Language (PSL) to children with hearing disabilities. RASA is characterized by three features which are hard to find at the same time in today’s humanoid robots: its dexterous hand-arm systems enabling it to perform sign language, low development cost, and easy maintenance." (read more)

My project is to program RASA to interact with hearing impared users: Understand their sign language based input and response to them.

My First Try
Virtual Reality Room

This VR Room designed for ASD children based on previous works of CEDRA. I was the head of programmers. It was designed in Unity3D and for HTC Vive.


RoMa is a Robot Mannequin which has been designed by Dr.Robot Company. (read more) My contribution in this project was designing a Kinect-based HRI to detect some gestures in customers and move the robot in respect.

Rehab Games

In this summer, I started a minor project for prof. Behzadipour. Professor asked for two highly-customizable Kinect-based games for stroke patients' rehabilitation. Patients must do some tasks in front of a Kinect camera and the avatar in the game environment imitate them. It is developed in the Unity3D environment.

Sina Robotic Telesurgery System

Sina is an Iranian leader-follower robotic telesurgery system with force feedback (read more). It is going under a major revision since 2015. Since Aug 2016, I am Sina's main programmer and my major task is to research and program it's haptic control software with the Beckhoff's EtherCAT technology.

SinaSim Laparoscopy Surgery Simulator

Since May 2016, I'm in charge of maintaining, debuging and developing this surgery simulator's games and GUI. The games was created by Blender game Engine and the GUI was written in C#.