Seyed Ramezan Hosseini
Born: December 15, 1993; Iran.

I'm a mechanical engineer and researcher with a rich background in computer programming (especially in game and web development). Besides learning in best schools in Iran, I have good experiences while working in robotic and medical instruments industries.

These days, I am a graduate student in CEDRA, a social robotics lab in the Sharif University of Technology, working on my master's thesis focused in Human-Robot Interaction and Robot Learning from Humans. In addition to my thesis, I'm also involved in some other projects, such as Sina Robotic Telesurgery System.

Honors & Awards
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Programming: With over 11 years of experience in Computer Programming, I can write codes in all of this languages: C++, C#, python, js & php. Also, I have experience with Matlab, Simulink & Octave.

Web Development: Experiences in both back-end and front-end web programming: html5, css3, js + php (laravel framework, wordpress) and minor familiarity with Nodejs.

Game Development: Real experiences with Unity & Blender in 3D and VR Game Development + Adobe Flash (R.I.P.) and js game engines (like phaser and createJS) in 2D web-game Development.

Computer Skills: Working skill in both Microsoft Windows & Linux (Ubuntu); Experience with Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Flash, Audition, Premier, After Effects).

Mechanical Design: have some experiences with SolidWorks, Mechanical Desktop and a little Catia.

Languages: Persian as native language & English as second language.

Contact Me


Phone: (+98) 910 682 5306

LinkedIn: you can find me here.

Goodreads: you can find me here.